Advwin Collapsible Backdrop with Support Stand Kit

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This Collapsible Background Panel is a perfect choice for outdoor and studio shooting.

Perfect to help create the proper setting for your picture. Ideal for YouTube tutorials and live videos, interviews, corporate avatars, portraits, product photography, passport photos, gaming and etc.

It is easy to install that you just attach the panel to the support stand via the backdrop clip.

The spring frame pops open the backdrop in seconds and helps maintain its shape. 


  • 【Non woven Fabrics Background】2-in-1 Green&Blue backdrop.  The fabric has a light-absorbing matt texture so light doesn't get bounced back. Buy this backdrop and you get TRUE chroma key colours, unlike many others it's finished using colour calibrated dyes. The fresh green and blue can be used for background, special effects and photo production.
  • 【Adjustable Backdrop Stand】Adjustable Height. Made from aluminum alloy with a professional black stain finish. The solid safety 3 legs stages and the alloy material allow the stand capable for stable work. It supports all major brands of photo equipment such as reflector, softbox, different lights, umbrella, background, etc.
  • 【Reflector Cover】 Oval Gold&Silver Reflector, Made of specialized reflective fabric, each color cover performs better to produce the effect you need for picture-perfect shots. Need to be used on the background panel, Can be used as a background or as a reflector. 
  • 【Durable Frame】The spring steel frame has a unique twist-fold design allowing you to open and fold the background in seconds. The background folds down to the size of a pizza, making it a breeze to carry and store. Very sturdy and flexible, easy to fold.
  • 【Versatile】: You can hang this background from a light stand or a hook . You can also lean it against a wall or door on its frame to provide a background pretty much anywhere. and it will still hold its shape with no creases. It's super slim and lightweight.
  • 【Easy to Carry】: The backdrop is easily portable; it folds down to 1/5rd of its size and fits neatly into the provided circular bag, which is also useful for storage. 


Color: Green&Blue

Base material: Aluminium alloy

Backdrop material: Non woven Fabrics

Screen Size: Approx. 150*200cm 

Weight: 4.2kg


1 xGreen&Blue Backdrop

1 x210cm Aluminum alloy bracket

1 x Carrying Bag 

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