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❣️Advwin Pet Hair Dryer —- Care for Your Pet’s Beauty & Health❣️
Taking too much time grooming and drying your pets? Noisy blowers always scare your pets? The powerless and cold blow cannot reach the undercoat.

Use Advwin Professional Dog Grooming Hair Dryer to give your dog a quick & thorough dry! Advwin Professional Dog Grooming Hair Dryer, designed for home and grooming salon use, is guaranteed to cut your drying time in half!


  • 🐶Smart LED Touch Screen: Dog dryer is equipped with a strong and stable motor and LED touch screen, which offers an easier operation, displaying the temperature and wind speed in real-time. High-velocity dryer for dogs has memory function of temperature. The washing and care intelligent chip memorizes temperature, records your usage habits, and makes you more worry-free.
  • 🐶Strong Wind Dog Dryer: 1700w high-power motor, wind speed up to 90m/s, can dry pet hair in a short time. Built-in negative ion release device instantly generates a high concentration of negative ions when starting, When blowing, it can neutralize the static electricity between the hair, smoothing frizz, making dog hair more smooth and shiny, and can achieve the effect of a pet grooming store.
  • 🐶70dB Low Noise Design: Dog blow dryer for grooming 70 dB fan blade mimics aircraft propeller flow design, the wind is softer. The whole hair dryer adopts a thickened shell, which can effectively block the work volume. A tail filter sponge can effectively reduce the noise, blocking debris and reducing the failure rate of the body. Multiple noise reduction measures fully ensure that pets will not be scared when blowing. Our pet hair dryer meets your pet's grooming needs.
  • 🐶Excellent Performance: The dog grooming hair dryer is equipped with a strong and stable motor, infinitely variable speed adjustment, and push-button temperature adjustment can allow pets to gradually adapt to wind changes and avoid pet discomfort caused by excessive wind speed. Wind speed range: 30m/s-90m/s; temperature range: 36℃ – 60℃. Dog dryer meets different needs, making your furkid feel at ease while drying hair.
  • 🐶Ergonomic Design: The pet grooming dryer is equipped with 4 different mouthpieces that meet different pet grooming needs.4 Bottom waterproof bracket will stabilize the hair dryer effectively. The hose can be extended up to 150cm, the thickened hose can resist high temperatures and support adjustment at any time, and will not be stuck together because of pet fidgeting. Heat insulation handle, effective insulation, will not be blowing hair for a long time and the situation of hot hands, use more intimate.

Power: 1700W
Voltage: 220-240V
Product Dimension: 32 × 18 × 18cm
Adjustable Speed: 30m/s-90m/s
Adjustable Temperature: 36℃ – 60℃
Max. Noise: Less than 70dB
Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Color: White+Brown
Flexible Hose: 70-150CM Adjustable

Package Content:
1 x Dog Dryer‎
1 x Flexible Hose
4 x Nozzles
1 x Manual

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