Advwin Electric Blanket Heated Underblanket

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Size: Double
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Experience luxurious comfort and warmth with this 100% polyester electric heated blanket. With 3 adjustable temperature settings, overheat protection, and machine washable waterproof design, this blanket is both functional and durable. Perfect for staying cozy all year round, it makes a wonderful gift for your family.


  • Soft & Breathable:  Made from 100% polyester underlay, this electric heated blanket provides exceptional breathability and moisture absorption for a cozy and dry night’s sleep all year round.
  • 3 Temperature Settings:  The electric throw blanket detachable dual controllers let you adjust the temperature to three different levels between 37°and 55°.The overheat protection feature of the electric blanket will activate and immediately cut off power if it becomes too hot.
  • Machine Washable & Waterproof: If you need spot clean, unplug the heated throws blanket and take out the controls. Then, wet sponge the affected area with a solution of mild soap and warm water (make sure the water temperature is below 30°C). Finally, use a towel with a neutral color to absorb any remaining water.
  • Storing Your Electric Blanket:  As a comfortable under-blanket, your electric blanket can stay on the bed for the entire year. Just take the controls off and put them away till winter. Please note the heating rug must cool before being folded and stored.
  • Enhanced Durability:  For increased durability, the seams are expertly stitched. certain to last a long time due to its guarantee against fading and shrinking. For your family, this portable heating pad also makes a wonderful gift.

Product Size: Double
Product Dimension: 193*137cm
Voltage: 220-240V~50-60Hz
Wattage: 2×60W
No. Of Controllers: 2
Color: White
SAA plug, 1.8m long white power cord
Package:1 blanket, 1 manual

With normal use, your Electric Blanket will require 15 minutes of preheating before bedtime.
There is a red LED on the controller which will be on when you are in a heat setting.

This Electric Blanket is to only be used as an under blanket.
The blanket must not be powered on when folded. Always ensure the blanket is laid flat without kinks or overlaps.
Always turn the power off at the power outlet before you remove the plug.
Ensure hands are dry before handling the plug or controls.

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