Advwin Elevated Pet Bed S/M/L/XL

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Size: S-70x50cm
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Your lovely pets don’t like their bed? Your pet bed is often shredded? Take a tough work on assembling the pet bed?

That’s because you haven’t found the most suitable one!
Try Advwin Elevated Pet Bed, and all these troubles will go away!


  • Elevated & Breathable
20 cm elevated design helps your pets away from wet/cold ground and keep cool in spring and summer. It can also ease the stress/pain on your pet's joints.
Dense and smooth mesh is more breathable and won't catch hair, dirt and grime. It won’t stuck your pets' paws and nails.
  • High Quality Stable Material
The cover is made of high quality non-woven fabric, does no harm to your pets.
Waterproof, flea, mite, bacteria, mold and mildew resistant, eco-friendly and health friendly.
The bed legs are made of durable 20mm-diameter iron tube. Weight capacity up to 15.5kg(100)|25.5kg(200)|35kg(300)|50kg(400)
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use
Lifted pet bed is perfectly suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
The anti-slip feet provide protection to both your pets and your floor.
  • Easy to Clean
With the waterproof design, cleaning is an easy duty. You can simply wash it with water or damp towel.
Tips: For maintain a longer service life and high quality, please do not wash it by machine.
  • Easy Assembly
Assembly just needs 5 minutes.
Few accessories and easy assembly.

Type: Elevated Dog Bed
Product Dimension: 70*50*20cm(100)|90*55*20cm(200)|100*65*20cm(300)|120*70*20cm(400)
Net Weight: 1.5kg(100)|2kg(200)|2.3kg(300)|2.7kg(400)
Weight Capacity: 15.5kg(100)|25.5kg(200)|35kg(300)|50kg(400)
Material: Non-woven fabric (Cover) & Iron (Tube)

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