Advwin Elliptical Cross Trainer with Dumbbel

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It’s the time to set up your own home gym! Do not hesitate and keep moving from now on!
Advwin Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer is a beginner-friendly X trainer.
It aims to create a quiet and safe home gym, help you save the expensive gym menmership fee and provide a personal exercise space.
With the max load of 120kg and knee-friendly design, you can sweat on it without worrying about joint hurt.

* Quiet Machine Won’t Annoy Anyone
* Equiped with quiet magnetic system, you can enjoy a wonderful silent exercise.
* Cross Trainer & Exercise Bike 2-in-1
* You can use it as a cross trainer or exercise bike. The large soft seat can give you comfort and support while doing sports.
* Reduce Injury to Your Knees
* Compared with the treadmill, elliptical cross trainer provides a gentler way of exercising. It can reduce injury to your knees and legs.
* Expert in Burning Calories with LCD Display
* With the help of this unit, you can keep your fit or loose weight healther and safer. LCD display can help you track the speed, distance, time and extimate the calories burned.
* Pulse Sensor Monitor Heart Rate
* With the pulse sensor, you can monitor your heart rate and exercise more effectively.
* Durable Material Afford Weight Capacity 120 KG
* Made of high-quality steel pipe and derable PP, it’s maximum weight capacity is 120kg. People with heavy weight can also use this trainer to make yourselves more healther.
* Height Adjustable Seat. You can adjust the seat to fit your habbit, which gives you a comfortable sporting atmosphere.
* Anti-slip Large Padels
* Resistance Adjustable Design
* Small Footprint Easy to Organize
* Easy Assembly
* Equiped with 2*Resistance Bands & 2*2lb Dumbbel & 2*3lb Dumbbel

1. CORRECT POSTURE is necessary when using elliptical cross trainer.
2. People with medical or physical issues should consult DOCTORS before use the item.

Type: Elliptical Machine
Product Dimensions: 88*60*157.5cm
Net Weight: 29kg
Max Load Capacity: 120kg
Material: PP, Iron pipe
Color: Black
LCD Display: √
Pulse Sensor: √
Workout Statistics: Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Pulse
Resistance Adjustable: √
Batteries Required: 2*5th batteries(No included)

Package Content:
1*Elliptical Cross Trainer
2*Resistance Bands
2*2lb Dumbbel
2*3lb Dumbbel

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