Advwin Foldable Baby PlayPen Grey

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Size: 140*135*60cm
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The Advwin Baby Playpen Peace of Mind when Baby Starts to Move.
As parents, sometimes we need a quick minute by ourselves; to use the restroom, take a shower, or get dinner started. When a baby starts to move through, a minute can be too much time. The baby playpen provides peace of mind for moments like these. You’ll breathe a little easier knowing the baby is content in the playpen and not exploring the room without you there to supervise.

More Space to Play
The Advwin playpen for babies is nearly 50% larger than most traditional baby play pens, so you will be able to use it longer and play more, baby has plenty of room to play, the baby fence is reliable, durable and built for endurance, and is perfect for twins too.

Put them in large baby playpen. Keep them safe from dangers. Watch them enjoy their toys.

  • 🍀High Standard HDPE Safety Material: Child fence is made of premium HDPE, BPA free, which is non-toxic, odorless, and harmless to the baby. The surface of the safety fence is smooth and won’t hurt the baby.
  • 👐60cm Safety Height, Protect Your Kids: 60cm height design makes it not able for babies to climb out and designed for toddlers. Kids can learn how to crawl, walk, or develop overall motor skills in a safe and spacious activity centre, while not leaving the mother’s line of sight.
  • 🎨Easy to Fold & Adjustable Shape: Kids playpen combines any quantity as needed. By increasing or decreasing the number of panels, you can combine them into various shapes to create different sizes of game space for your kids. You can also make a compact form for space-saving storage and easy portability.
  • 🔒Double Anti-slip Suction Cups & Safety Lock Gate: The safety fence features double rubberized suction cups for a sturdy base and an external locking gate for secure entry and exit.
  • 💕Functional Activity Board & Easy Setup: The toy panel is not only interesting but also educational, very suitable for your baby. The swivel design enhances the coordination of your baby’s hands.

Dimensions:140*135*60cm(There will be errors due to manual easurement.)
small panle: 34*60cm
door panle: 70*60cm
big game panle: 70*60cm
Age Range:Available for children over 6 months
General:Material 100% Pure PE

Package Content:
12/14/16/18/20 x HDPE Side Panels
1 x Lockable Door Panel
1 x Activity Panel
1 x Installation Instruction

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