Advwin Foldable Foam Mattress Trifold Folding

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Size: 195*80*10CM
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Advwin Foldable Bamboo Fiber Foam Bedding Pad, the ultimate solution for comfort and convenience. Made with bamboo fiber fabric, this foam pad offers exceptional breathability, keeping you cool. Its durability and resistance to wear and tear make it a long-lasting investment.Not only is it comfortable and durable, but our foam pad also boasts antimicrobial properties, providing a hygienic sleeping environment.

Its hypoallergenic nature makes it ideal for those with allergies or sensitivities. The non-slip bottom ensures stability and safety.With its 10cm thickness, our high-density foam pad offers medium firmness, striking the perfect balance between support and comfort. Keeping your sleeping environment fresh and clean is a breeze with the zipper design. The bamboo fiber cover can be easily removed and cleaned, ensuring a healthy and hygienic surface for your restful sleep.

Experience the epitome of comfort and functionality with Advwin Foldable Bamboo Fiber Foam Bedding Pad. Don't compromise on quality and convenience; get yours today and redefine your sleeping experience.


  • Bamboo Fiber Fabric
  • Good Air Permeability
  • Wear Resistant And Durable
  • Anti-Fungus And Mildew
  • Hypoanaphylaxis
  • Medium Hardness
  • 10cm Thickness
  • High Density High Rebound Sponge
  • Three-Fold Design
  • Easy To Carry
  • Point Plastic Non-Slip Sole
  • Zipper Design
  • Detachable
  • Easy To Clean
  • Versatile: Floor Mats, Sports Mats, Futon Mattresses, Camping Out Cushions And Even Temporary Sofas

Size: 195*80*10CM/189*71*10CM
Material: Bamboo Fabric
Filler: High Density Foam
Thickness: 10cm
Colour: White and Black
Assembly Required: No
Number of Packages: One

Package Content
1*Advwin Folding Foam Mattress

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