Advwin Ice Maker Machine Countertop Ice Maker

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Remark: The ice making cycle lasts about 15-30 minutes, depending on the ambient temperature.

You may press <+>and <-> to adjust ice making lead time and corresponding ice cube thickness. Press one time means ice making cycle will increase or decrease one minute. 6 minutes most.

After the ice making process is done, you may get a sheet of ice cubes, use the ice scoop to break it up and you get clear ice cubes! The more thick the ice cubes, the more harder you need to break it up.

  • Never Run Out Of Ice: High efficient as it is, this portable ice maker can produce 24pcs ice in as little as 15 min. With an output of 18kg ice daily, furthermore, this ice maker can easily sustain the house, kids, and outdoor parties. You will never have to run out to stores for ice again!
  • Simple To Use: An LCD screen will display the current mode. By changing the timer, you can have thin, medium or thick ice cubes. Ice maker features sensors and indicators that show when the ice basket is full and when the water reservoir is empty, and it automatically stops making ice when the basket is full.
  • Self-Cleaning Function: As a modern home device, this countertop ice maker is equipped with a self-cleaning function, one press “TIMER” and 20 min is all it takes to get a thorough self-cleaning.
  • Water Recycling System: Ice that is unused and melts goes through a filter for better-tasting ice before it returns to the reservoir and is used to make new ice.
  • Chilling & Pure: Nobody can stand a scorching summer without ice. Keeping food fresh, creating cold drinks, chilling beers, and champagne, it all comes true with an ice maker. 👉Besides, square ice cubes are featured with slow-melting, fine in shape, and pure in clarity and density.
Ice Shape: Square Cube
Outut: 24 Pcs/15 Min (18KG/24 H)
Ice Basket Capacity:1.1Kg
Water Tank: 2.2L
Voltage/Frequency: 220V/50Hz
Ice Shape: Square
Add Water & Ice Full Display
Ice Cube Thickness Slect
Weight: 10.5kg
Compressor Cooling
Stainless Steel Body

Package Content:
1 X Ice cube maker
1 X Ice Scoop
1 X Ice Basket
1 X User Manual

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