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This Juicer, creates nothing but pure, healthy juice, with no additives. Our process makes the best drink possible, one that is more appealing and far tastier than anything you could ever buy in a store!

With its fine filter screen, the Juicer is able to deliver pulp-free smooth juices, which is perfect for kids who would love the finer juice. Without blending the ingredients, you won't have air oxidizing your components either. Each sip will taste as fresh as the first.So give your body a powerful boost of nutrients and vitamins everyday and experience the difference with the Our Juicer.

  • Maximum Retention of Nutrients: Quickly make a cup of healthy pure juice without destroying the natural flavor and nutritional benefits, reducing oxidation, and increasing the vitamin and mineral content~
  • Two-Speed/Noise Reduction: The upgraded motor can make a glass of juice in a few seconds. Hard fruits such as carrots and celery are ok. But the noise is lower, giving you a quieter juice life.
  • Completely Free Your Hands: No pre-cutting is required, you only need to clean it and put it directly into the chute ~ a compact and simple structure, easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Stably+Anti-Drip Design: The bottom of the fruits & vegetables Juicer is equipped with non-slip rubber feet, which have high stability and can better solve the trouble of juice leakage~
  • Safe and Reliable: BPA-free + safety lock arm to ensure that the lid is tight during operation. The overload protection system will shut off the juicer once overheating.
  • ✨The appliance has been designed for short-term operation only, It should not be operated continuously for more than 2 minutes. Allow it afterward to cool down sufficiently before switching on again.

Type: Juicer
Colour: silver
Materials: Stainless steel
Feeding tube diameter: 65mm
Container: 1.5L large pulp/0.5L juice cup
Voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power: 800W
Product Weight: 2.9KG

Package Content:
1* Juicer
1* Instructions
1* Juicer jug

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