Advwin Kids Round Tent with Stars Light and Ice Pad

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Advwin tents are designed to provide your kid with a small "secret space" where they can play, read, nap or use their imagination, both indoors and outdoors.

This tent is easy to install. Made of uniform cloth and fiber rod, all materials meet safety standards. This cute kid tent is the perfect birthday gift for kid. It is also very suitable for kid's overnight parties or theaters.


  • Kid private space: Suitable for kid over 4 years old, they can close the curtains to have their own space, and there are windows to ensure air circulation.
  • Beautiful appearance design: Simple and clean colors, with star lights and moon accessories, can let kid use their imagination to decorate.
  • Made of natural high-quality materials: Advwin kid play tent is made of uniform cloth material, which is comfortable and soft. The tent poles are made of strong fiber rod, free of chemical odors and harmful substances.
  • Foldable and easy to assemble The structure is stable: The tent can be stored without taking up space. Can be unfolded and fixed when in use. The assembly is very simple and the structure of the pentagonal bracket is stable. Kid can play with peace of mind.
  • Summer space: There is an ice pad in the tent, which is suitable for kid to play in the tent in summer.


Material: Uniform cloth + Fiber rod

Size: 110*110*150 CM

Net weight: 2.9KG


Age: over 4 years old

Package Content:

1 x Warm white star lights (5 meters battery)

1 x Moon accessories

1 x Tent

1 x Ice pad

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