Advwin Office Chair Mat Carpet Protector

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Size: Convex
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Advwin office chair mat aims to protect your house.
Anything sharp and tough will scratch your floor, and leave permanent damage.
Wooden or marble floor is as delicate as glass.
That’s why you need a protector mat.

  • Sturdy & Durable
Dimension: 900*1200*2mm
Sturdy and solid surface, wheels can easily glide across the mat.
Stable, reduce posibility of splitting.
  • Easy to Clean
Waterproof surface.
Just wipe it with sponge or cloth and water, and it will then look like a new one.
  • Eco-friendly Material
Made of eco-friendly PVC, with little disgusting smells.(If it has smells after unpacking, please put it in aired room)
With high quality, reduce posibility of splitting.
Note: PVC may turn tough in cold day. If your mat cannot be completely flat on the floor, please put it in a warm condition, or wash it with 50-65℃ warm water, or put it under heavy things.
  • Reduce Noise & Protect Your Furniture
Reduce noise of moving on the floor.
Protect your carpet and furniture from scratching and bumping.

Type: Office Chair Mat
Product Dimension: 900*1200*2mm
Package Dimension: 8*8*93cm
Material: PVC
Waterproof: √

Package Content:
1*Office Chair Mat

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