Advwin Portable Air Compressor 5/10 Gallon

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Size: 5 Gallon
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The portable air compressor adopts a long-life, oil-free, maintenance-free pump, which is easy to use
The oil-free pump allows use in various temperatures and uneven terrain.
Suitable for heavy vehicles such as trucks, all-terrain vehicles, tractors, etc.
This air compressor is perfect for anyone working in a room where noise is the main problem.

  • Portable: 5/10 gallon capacity maximizes the portability of the air compressor and stores air.
  • No Maintenance : The durable oil-free pump of the Car Tyre Inflator is durable and maintenance-free.
  • Quiet work environment: Noise level - 60 dBA, create a quiet working environment for you and improve your work efficiency
  • Pressure: 150 maximum PSI to ensure sufficient cutting inch pressure for various applications
  • Easy to carry and store:With a weight of 11.5/17.5kg and a small size, it is convenient for you to place it anywhere and easily take it to the place you need to use it.
Working pressure: 0.8Mpa
Safety pressure: 1.0Mpa
For tyre range: ≤12R
Material: Steel
Item Weight:11.5/17.5kg
Product Dimensions:46*39*33.5cm/60.5*38*36.2cm

Package Include:
1*Air Compressor
1*Using Guide

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