Advwin Portable Fan Heater 1500W

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Advwin Portable Electric Heater – your perfect choice to keep warm and cozy during cold days!

When winter comes and you are at home, you just want to feel cozy warmth, but you can´t wait! Here comes ADVWIN’s portable indoor heater. Our heater for indoor use will be your ideal winter partner.


  • Rapid Heating Technology: Experience unparalleled speed and efficiency with the advanced PTC ceramic heating element. Within a mere three seconds, you’ll feel the gentle warmth embracing you, transforming the chilliest of rooms into a cozy sanctuary. Enjoy instant comfort without any waiting time.
  • Versatile Heat Settings: Tailor your heating preferences to perfection. Choose from three distinct heat settings: the high-power mode of 1500W for quick and intense warmth, the energy-saving mode of 800W for extended use without compromising comfort, or a 28-watt fan option for air circulation to create a cozy ambiance.
  • Wide Heat Distribution: Say goodbye to cold spots and uneven warmth. Thanks to the 80-degree oscillation feature, this fan heater effortlessly sweeps the room, circulating heat in all directions. Enjoy consistent and widespread warmth, creating a cozy environment throughout the entire space.
  • Intelligent and Convenient: Elevate your heating experience with the array of smart features packed into this portable heater. Set the timer for 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours to suit your schedule and energy-saving needs. Adjust the settings effortlessly with the touch-tilt button, allowing for seamless operation. Plus, the child lock function ensures a safe environment for your little ones.
  • Unparalleled Safety: Your well-being is our top priority. With integrated tilt-over protection and flame-retardant materials, this fan heater ensures the highest level of safety, automatically shutting off if accidentally tipped over or in case of overheating. Feel secure and enjoy peace of mind while staying warm.
2s Super Fast Heating
3 modes included in 1 heater (1500W / 850W / Fan only modes )
1-2-4- 8-hour Timer
80° Wide Angle Automatic Swing
Child Lock & Safety Protection
Portable handle mobile design
Built-in washable filter

Product size: 180*180*400mm
Voltage: AC220-240V 50/60Hz
Power: 1500W
Gross weight: 2.32kg
Net weight: 1.94kg

Package includes:
1 * Electric Fan Heater
1 * User Manual

This Fan Heater is perfect as a gift for family or friends and for anyone looking for a fast-heating, efficient, and user-friendly heater. Stay comfortable and warm throughout the winter with Advwin Electric Fan Heater.

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