Advwin Portable Illuminated Folding Stool

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Color: Black
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Environmentally friendly materials, strong and durable, this portable retractable stool is suitable for various environments such as outdoor recreation, barbecue, painting, photography, camping, parties, etc. And it is compact and does not take up space to store, it is your first choice for those who love outdoor sports.

  • Eco-friendly and Durable: The portable retractable stool is made of high-quality polyamide. Known for its strength, lightness and durability, this material is a material that can withstand a wide range of weather conditions and is also considered an eco-friendly material.
  • Small and Portable: light weight, small size, easy to use, does not take up space after shrinking, easy to carry, equipped with handles and straps, easy to store furniture, and can also be placed in the trunk of the car for use as needed.
  • Safe and Stable: The design is not only telescopic and adjustable, but also has a non-slip device at the bottom, which is safe and stable. The product is only 1.5kg, but the maximum front load can reach 130kg.
  • Gorgeous Light: The product shell is equipped with a reflective tape, and the main body is stretched and wrapped with lights, with multi-color changes, which will be better in wild camping or evening parties.
  • Wide Range of Uses: suitable for home indoor, courtyard, mountaineering, fishing, outdoor camping, travel and leisure, waiting in line and other occasions.
Material: Polyamide
Size: 27*27*7.6cm
Weight: 1.5kg
Colour: Black
Maximum Load: 130kg
Adjustable Height: between 6.5cm-46cm
Seat Size: 25cm in diameter

Package Includes:
Illuminated folding stool without batteries*1,
shoulder strap*1

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