Advwin Poultry Net Chicken Fence Netting

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Size: 21m x 1.25m
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Quickly build a breeding area for your poultry, ducks, and small livestock.

Lightweight and portable, this Chicken net can be taken anywhere you need, such as your garden, backyard, or farm, and stored easily when necessary. This poultry net adopts a high-grade PE net, double-nailed column, which can establish a stable enclosure structure and can be erected in different shapes such as rectangles and triangles in a short time to meet your various needs.

The chicken fence is adequate for any poultry keeper or contractor to raise most small flocks like roosters, hens, ducks, or geese. This chicken mesh can also help keep your chickens away from the vegetable patch or planted area.It is suitable for farm home lawn and garden projects.

  • 【 High-Quality Material 】 The chicken netting is made of PE and glass fiber, with high strength and durability
  • 【Widely Suitable For Animail】The Large chicken netting is ideal for keeping hens, ducks, geese, and small livestock.
  • 【Easy Assembly And Foldable】 With lightweight chicken coop can be removed easily from paddock to paddock. Sets up in seconds; just unfold, shape, and connect—no tools required; folds flat for compact storage.
  • 【DIY Shape】 Advwin chicken netting comes with some posts with spikes to be inserted into the ground for support. You can form any shape you want, such as a triangle, rectangle, or irregular fence.
  • 【Safe for your Chicken】PE netting has quick assemble pole hooks and security locks. The hooks are inserted into the ground fixed net. A flexible fencing door prevents chickens from escaping. You can also add electric wires (not included) into the net to strengthen the fence, repelling fox, coyotes, dogs, and raccoons when properly energized.
  • 【Various Size To Choice】 Come with 1.25x12M /1.25x21M /1.25x40M /1.25x50M large size can accommodate more small poultry.

1. 630200100#SF
Product Size: 115*12m (UP :8*10*10cm/DOWN :7*4.5*4.5CM)
Package Size: 130*112*10cm
Color: Green
Material:PE, Glass fiber, Iron
Package Included:
1* PE net
6 * pole+1 * gate pole
16 * peg
4 * guy line

Product Size:115*21m (UP:8*10*10cm/DOWN:7*4.5*4.5CM)
Package Size:130*15*12cm
Color: Green
Material:PE, Glass fiber, Iron
Package Included:
1* PE net
10 * pole+1 * gate pole
24 * peg
4 * guy line

Product Size:115*40m(UP:8*10*10cm/DOWN:7*4.5*4.5CM)
Package Size:130*17*15cm
Color: Green
Material:PE, Glass fiber, Iron
Package Included:
1* PE net
20 * pole+1* gate pole
50 * peg
4 * guy line

Product Size:115*50m(UP:8*10*10cm/DOWN:7*4.5*4.5CM)
Package Size:130*19*17cm
Color: Green
Material:PE, Glass fiber, Iron
Package Included:
1* PE net
25 * pole+1* gate pole
60 * peg
4 * guy

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