Advwin Range Hood Kitchen Canopy Chimney

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Subtle design to enhance your cooking space. Our cooker hoods blend modern aesthetics with practical functionality to bring you a whole new cooking experience. Featuring a sleek, ultra-thin exterior, the 60cm cover complements the sleek black body, adding a touch of modern elegance to your kitchen.

Plus, our cooker hoods focus on maintaining fresh air. Designed with a triple-layer aluminum filter, it efficiently captures soot and particles, ensuring your kitchen air remains pristine. The easy-to-remove and clean design makes routine maintenance a breeze, allowing you to focus more on the pleasure of cooking.

Whether you’re a modern home with an eye for aesthetics or someone who demands fresh air, our cooker hoods are the perfect choice. Make your kitchen a creative playground, glowing with style and practicality.


  • Quiet Ventilation & Fresh Kitchen: The cooker hood adds a single copper motor design, which increases the stability of the cooker hood and reduces noise, providing you with a quieter and more comfortable cooking experience. With a powerful air volume of 300m³/h, this kitchen stove cover effortlessly meets your daily cooking needs. The high-performance 300m³/h blower effectively eliminates steam and fumes, ensuring a clean and fresh kitchen environment.
  • Effective Filtration & Easy Maintenance: Equipped with a triple-layer aluminum filter 2, this range hood excels at capturing soot and particulates, ensuring your kitchen air remains pristine.The multi-layer filtration system not only purifies air efficiently but also extends the equipment’s lifespan. Designed for easy disassembly and cleaning, the filtration system simplifies your daily maintenance routine.
  • LED Lighting & 3-Speed Touch Control: Our cooker hoods feature LED lighting and a 3-level touch control system designed to optimise your cooking space. Our cooker hoods are equipped with five high-efficiency LED bulbs, each with a power of 1.5 watts. Practical and environmentally friendly, these bulbs ensure that your cooking area is bathed in an even light, and that every detail of your ingredients and utensils are clearly visible as you prepare your culinary masterpieces. The user-friendly 3-level touch control system allows you to easily adjust the exhaust speed to suit your preferences, creating a comfortable and well-lit cooking environment.
  • Sleek Ultra-Thin Design for Modern Elegance: With its sleek slim design, 60 cm lid and sleek black painted square corner body, this cooker hood blends modern sophistication with outstanding visual appeal, enhancing the overall style and ambience of your kitchen. In your compact kitchen, this cooker hood’s 60cm sophisticated lid and sleek black painted square-cornered body not only fit perfectly into the modern minimalist style, but also save you valuable space. No more worrying about big, bulky appliances, you can have a more open and clean kitchen environment.
  • Versatile Installation Options for Your Needs: This range hood offers various installation methods to accommodate diverse kitchen layouts. Choose between ducted (exhaust) or ductless (circulation) installation, tailoring the solution to your home environment and culinary preferences. Perfect for apartment rentals.Please refer to the picture and instruction manual for specific dimensions before making your purchase, ensuring a proper fit for your kitchen space.

Size: 600*380 (500+370) (fuselage height + decorative coaming height)
Speed: 3 gear speed
Lighting Power: 1.5W
Outlet Size: ø120mm
Pumping Capacity: 460 Max Blower CFM

 Package Content:
1* range hood
1* Instruction manual

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