Advwin Self Cleaning Smart Cat Litter Box

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Advwin Self-cleaning Litter Box - Smart pets, clean homes!

Self-cleaning Cat Litter Box is an ideal choice for your cat. It uses advanced sensing technology to automatically identify the cat's entry and exit and clean it automatically to keep the cat litter clean and hygienic.
In addition, it is also equipped with a mobile APP remote control function, which allows you to monitor and control the status of the cat litter box anytime and anywhere to ensure the health and comfort of your pet. Its spacious design is suitable for cats of all sizes, and it has a built-in deodorization system to effectively reduce odor. Simple operation, saving time and effort, providing more convenience for you and your pets.


  • APP Health Monitoring:Supports Wi-Fi link APP remote operation, you can check the amount of cat litter/remaining space in the litter box/machine status/cat toilet reminder and cat weighing in the "Smart Life" APP. All running messages will be sent to your phone through the APP, help owners understand the health status of their pets.
  • Free Your Hand:Sensing technology can identify cats' entry and exit, ensuring timely cleaning and maintenance. When the device detects that the cat has finished going to the toilet, it will wait for the set delay time. The device will automatically clean up. Cleaning up cat litter has never been so easy.
  • Safe for Cats:Spacious interior space ensures cats have enough space for defecation activities. Equipped with 4 highly sensitive gravity sensors and anti-pinch motor to ensure safety. If a cat enters the litter box during operation, the device will automatically stop running and restart after the cat leaves.
  • Easy Clean & No Odors:Cat litter box cleaning and maintenance is very simple, saving time and effort. The built-in deodorization system can effectively reduce odor and keep indoor air fresh.
  • Ultra-Quiet:In night mode, it is in standby mode according to the set time and will not interfere with the rest of you and your pet.
  • Large Capacity:Internal space of 60L, trash collection box of 10L. Maximum support 6L of cat litter, enough to use 15-20 days(Comes with a roll of trash bags). Suitable for cats weighing between 1-10kg. Available for almost all cats.

Capacity: 60L Drum Capacity+10L Trash Box
Material: ABS
Weight Capacity: 1-10kg
Mode of Operation: Auto/Manual
Days of Storage: 15 days/cat
Product Dimensions: 52cm(L) x 52cm(W) x 66(H)
Target Species: Cats
Product Weight: 15kg
Input Voltage: AC110-220V 50Hz/60Hz

Package Content:
1 x Self-cleaning Cat Litter Box
1 × Roll of Garbage Bags
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Instruction Manual

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