Advwin Soft Plush Calming Pet Bed

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Color: Blue
Size: 80CM
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Use Advwin calming pet bed provides the perfect place for your furry friend to rest after a long day running, playing or exploring. Made from PV velvet, it is soft, warm and washable.

The surface of this pet bed is made of long plush, which is very comfortable, warm and durable. A unique pet-friendly design so their little hearts with happiness and joy. Keep your pet warm and comfortable for a calming good nights rest. It perfect for pets who feel a little anxious about sleeping.

Get your buddy a quality and comfortable bed. Hey would definitely love it! Treat your pets with this luxurious pet bed now!


  • Being washable
  • Soft and comfy
  • Durable PV velvet outer
  • Designed for furry friends
  • Classic pet bed with high walls
  • Easy to clean
  • Crafted from ultra-soft plush fabric
  • Ease anxiety,create a sense of security
  • Ideal for any small to large sized pets
    Material: PV velvet
    Filling: 50% polyester + 50% medium fiber
    Shape: Round
    Diameter: 60cm (L) /70 cm (XL) /80 cm (2XL) /90 cm (3XL) /100 cm (4XL)
    Color: Navy/ light grey/ Khaki/ Pink

    Package Included:
    1*Pet bed
    (Vacuum and pack in express bag)

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