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Introducing the Advwin Carpet Cleaner – a powerful 450W spot-cleaning solution with 10KPa suction. Its dual tank system (1.4L clean water, 0.7L sewage) minimizes interruptions, while a 6.7M cleaning radius ensures portability. Ideal for fabric care, it effortlessly tackles pet stains, spills, and footprints. Weighing under 4 kg, it's compact, with intelligent storage for wires and brushes. Simplify your cleaning routine with the efficient and versatile Advwin Carpet Cleaner.

  • Powerful Spot Cleaning: Elevate your cleaning experience with the Advwin carpet cleaner's 450W motor, delivering an impressive 10KPa of super suction. Effectively target and eliminate tough stains and stubborn marks like spills, footprints, pet urine, and more, making it an exceptional spot cleaner.
  • Dual Tank Efficiency: The carpet cleaner boasts a dual water tank system, featuring a 1.4L clean water tank and a 0.7L sewage tank stored separately. This design minimizes the need for frequent water additions and drainage, enhancing efficiency in spot-cleaning tasks.
  • Portable Cleaning Solution: Enjoy the flexibility of a 5M power cord and 1.7M straw, providing a 6.7M cleaning radius. This portable design ensures that the carpet cleaner can reach and clean challenging spots, making it an ideal spot cleaner for various applications.
  • Versatile Fabric Care: Tailored for fabric cleaning, the carpet cleaning machine excels in cleaning sofas, mattresses, car seats, and other challenging-to-clean items. It's a versatile spot cleaner that effortlessly handles pet hair, footprints, and urine stains, leaving surfaces spotless.
  • Compact and Convenient: With a weight of less than 4 kg, the carpet cleaner is easily portable. Its intelligent design includes storage for wires, hoses, and brushes, ensuring a clutter-free space. ; This makes it a convenient and efficient spot cleaner for quick cleaning needs.
  • Complete Spot Removal Solution: Experience a comprehensive spot removal solution with the Advwin carpet cleaner. Its powerful suction, dual tank system, and portable design make it the go-to choice for tackling spots and stains effectively across various surfaces.

Voltage: 220~240v
Power: 450W
Suction: 10KPa
Water Tank Capacity: 1.4L
Sewage Tank Capacity: 0.7L
Power Cable Length: 5m
Straw Length: 1.7m

Package Contents:
Fabric Cleaning Machine *1
Self-Cleaning Brush Head *1
Brush *1

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