Advwin Trellis Netting Grow Tent Vine Net for Climbing Plants

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Size: 60x60cm
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The trellis nets are widely used for growing tents, fruits, vegetables, luggage, vine plants, and more. It controls the growth of plants so they tend to grow in neat rows.

Peas and vegetables Grow Net is an economical substitute for traditional barbed wire, which has the characteristics of light weight, softness, durability and strong load-bearing capacity. Widely used for growing cucumbers, tomatoes, peas, grapes, beans, pumpkins, zucchini, flowers or any climbing plants or vegetables.

Sized for Grow Tents and comes with 4 detachable S-hook to attach to the tent frame. Trellis your garden and crops for big gains!

  • Ultra-durable Elastic Strands: The elastic net made of polyester and rubber band provides a firm supporting structure. With overlapping layers, vegetable garden shed can bear extremely heavy crop load, and can easily bear the weight of fruits, leaves, stems, flowers, buds, etc.
  • Control the Growth of Plants: Usually combining two networks is used to better train plants to maximize yield. Lower net helps train and spread out plants.Upper net to help support the growth of space, climbing plants, flowers, and vegetables.
  • Ideal Aperture for Plant Growth: Tomato net rack adopts 16*16CM aperture net rack, leaving enough space for the leaves and fruits of plants to pass through. This pea grid can effectively guide the growth direction of vines and maintain the health of various branches of fruits and vegetables.
  • Adjustable Vine Net: Product size: 60*60cm, suitable for 80*80cm; 75*75cm, suitable for 100*100cm; 120*120cm, suitable for 150*150cm planting area after stretching. You can also adjust the overall size or slide in any direction to fully adapt to your plant growth.
  • Healthy Ecological Planting: This grid can improve air circulation, sunlight exposure and space utilization. Keep plants healthy for better yield.
  • Sized for Grow Tents: It is flexible to use and can be adapted to indoor planting tents of various sizes. Comes with 4 removable S-hooks that anchor to tent frame.
Material: Polyester and Elastic
Product size: 60*60cm/75*75cm/120*120cm
After stretching size: 80*80cm/100*100cm/150*150cm
Color: Black
Weight: 0.3kg/0.4kg/0.65kg

1 x Flexible Net Trellis
4 x Hooks

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