Advwin Vacuum Cleaner Bags-9/12pcs


Size: 12PCS
Sale price$45.99


Easy to insert, and universal for most vacuum cleaners

A convenient seal to lock the vacuum debris inside as you pull the bag out, which means no dust or lint will get all over the place and cause a new hassle for you.

Perfect for those who are prone to allergies or want to keep their room sterile.

* Replacement vacuum cleaner bags?These bags are basically has the same performance as your original one.
* Our vacuum bags have thick paper wall to trap over 90% of micro particles and allergens.
* Vacuum cleaner paper bags are soft and will not slow the flow of air, which means they will never hinder the performance of your machine.
* Prolong your vacuum cleaner's life and improve its suction performance by installing a new bag frequently!
* Made of paper, this vacuum cleaner bag is sturdy, durable, lightweight, thick, high filtration, non air permeable, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic.

Color:wood color

Package Contents:
9/12pcs dust paper bag

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