Advwin Vacuum Sealer Bags 10 Rolls

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Keep food fresh up to 5 times longer with Vacuum Sealer Rolls. Specifically designed for vacuum packaging machine, these sealer rolls are suitable for use in your freezer, microwave, fridge and simmering water.

Made by high-quality PE and BPA-free plastic, the size compatible with most vacuum sealers. Enjoy hygiene food and healthy lifestyle!

  • Universal Design: These food saving bags are compatible with almost all clamp-style vacuum sealers
  • Keeps Food Fresh: These vacuum sealer bags for food storage lock freshness and nutrients in, while keeping staleness out. The air-tight fit ensures your meal stays as fresh as the day you sealed it.
  • Flavor Saver: No more soggy or wilting food. Our vacuum sealer rolls retain your food's flavor, from meat and steaks to vegetables and produce.
  • Durable and Easy to Use: These vacuum bags are made of tough materials, and the embossed design on the surface improves durability, air tightness and suction.
  • 10 Rolls: This pack of food saving bags comes with ten 28 x500cm rolls to make sure you can seal to your heart's (and stomach's) content. 
Colour: Clear
Free of BPA
Materials: PE
Pack contents: 10 rolls
Design: Vacuum Sealer Food Storage Bag Rolls
Dimensions (approx. cm): 28*500cm
Weight approx: 2.5kg

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