Advwin Vibration Plate Slimming Machine Thin

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Vibration plate exercise machines have become popular exercise today. It provides increases muscle mass and reduces body fat and cellulite, perfect for accelerating fat burning and weight loss. Combine it with resistance bands for workout whole body & core workouts, daily whole-body vibration bring the same benefit as the outdoor activities or even better than them. Not only a vibration plate exercise machine but also just like a personal massage therapist caring for you and your family's body and health.


  • Create Your Ideal Physique: Jump on your vibrating exercise machine to instantly sculpt your ideal body! The vibration platform or vibration exercise machine could weight loss, relax muscles, stimulate blood circulation, increase bone density, and reduces joint stress.
  • Designed Just for You: Silent drive motors for a no-noise workout in a super slim plate. Equipped with 4 anti-slip feet that have vacuum suction and rubber protective surface to prevent it from sliding while exercising. Imagine you can improve your health and build a better shape while watching TV at home or in your office.
  • Custom Intensity: 0-99 speed adjustment, which can imitate walking, jogging, running, and yoga. 10 preset programs, a non-slip massage pedal, LED display shows the time and speed, making your exercise clearly visible, Touch the display screen and Remote Control to easily adjust, and easily plan your exercise progress.
  • Detachable Balance Straps: Attach the pair of included balance straps to the platform to add various light, full-body exercises to your workout. The vibration machine features a powerful silent motor that is designed to be durable, stable, and safe.

Size: 69*39*14
Net weight: 11.5KG
Gross weight: 13KG
Power: 200W
Rated voltage: 110/220V
Safety weight limit: 135KG
Vibration gear: 99 gears

Package Included:
1*Vibration plate
1*Remote Control
1*User Manual
5*Resistance Bands(Only available when choose "Black w/5 Resistance Bands")

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