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Experience unparalleled control over your surveillance with Advwin Wi-Fi camera featuring a 360° panoramic view and 90° tilt capabilities. Effortlessly rotate the camera horizontally for a complete 360° coverage and tilt it vertically up to 90° for a comprehensive perspective of your surroundings. This versatile camera ensures you never miss a single detail, offering precise motion tracking with instant alerts on your smartphone. The 1080P HD vision captures stunning visuals, even in low light, providing sharper details and richer colors up to 10m away. With reliable motion and sound detection, your security is paramount, and your privacy is safeguarded with easy deactivation and encryption features.

  • 360°Pan & 90° Tilt Viewing: Have complete control over your viewing angle with our Wi-Fi camera. Rotate the camera a full 360 degrees horizontally and tilt up to 90 degrees vertically, gaining a comprehensive view of your surroundings. Never miss a single detail with this versatile and highly adjustable camera.
  • Motion Tracking: The indoor security camera is equipped with precise motion detection technology. Receive instant alerts on your smartphone whenever any movement is detected within the area. Keep tabs on your property, children, or pets, ensuring everything is as it should be.
  • 1080P HD Vision: Capture stunning visuals with our 1080P ultra HD camera that provides sharper details and richer colors. Also, provide a clear and smooth video stream even at night up to 10m away.
  • Reliable Motion Detection & Sound Detection: Whenever motion or sound is detected, instant alerts are sent directly to your smartphone to keep you informed. With our Wi-Fi camera, you’ll never miss a thing and can take immediate action if needed.
  • Your Privacy is Top Priority: The camera can be deactivated with a single click in the APP, and the live streaming and recording will be temporarily disabled. All data is encrypted and protected to ensure your privacy and security.
Resolution: 1080P
Connection: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
Night Vision Range: Up to 10 meters
Pan/Tilt Range: 360° pan, 90° tilt
Compatibility: iOS and Android devices
Storage Options: Micro SD card (not included) or cloud storage (Subscription Required, 7 Days Free-trial)

Indoor security camera *1
Adapter *1
USB cable *1
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Screw *1

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