Advwin Portable BBQ Grill Stove for 2-6 Peoples

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Do you love barbecue?

Our Smokeless Battery-Operated Grill is the ultimate cooking tool for those wanting a fast, safe, easy and efficient BBQ experience anywhere and everywhere both inside and outside?

Whether it is for use at home, the beach, on boats, at picnics, or camping, the Grill lets you have perfect BBQ cooking without all the fuss and mess of dealing with gas bottles and ignition systems.


1. Built in Fan for Efficient 3D heating - Circular ventilation design makes the food can be evenly heated. And with USB portable battery(not included) or 4 * AA battery power supply for automatic heating.

2. Heat Adjustable- The rotary button on the base can adjust the wind force and fan, then you can control the heat freely.

3. 2in1 Function- It can burn barbecue, the grill can hold beef, lamb chops, pork and vegetables, and the built-in container can hold food such as sweet potatoes and eggs. Applicable to a variety of food materials.

4. Effective Safety- Combined with the ventilation holes around, the fan can help burn charcoal and emit heat which keeps the base from overheated while you touching. Also comes with double layer furnace wall, which is safer and not hot to touch.

5. Easy Cleaning- Non-stick coating on aluminum baking sheet makes it easy to clean.The components of the grill can be quickly and easily dismantled for cleaning. The grill grid and inner bowl are also dishwasher safe.

6. Portable Space-Efficient, suitable for Party for 2-6 people indoor and outdoor cooking. No assembly, small size come with a carry bag that can easily take away.

7. Smoke-Free Barbecue- Charcoal burns in a closed mesh container, so nothing falls off.Without an open fire, charcoal fires don't come into direct contact with food and are healthier.The design also prevents grease from dripping directly onto the coal, reducing the amount of smoke produced.


Material:Stainless steel

Product size:36x22x21.5cm

Rated Voltage:DC6V

Rated Power:0.5W

Baking Sheet Size:32cm (Diameter)

Product drove:4xAA Battery

Fuel Type:Charcoal

Griddle Material: Stainless Steel

Type:Smokeless Charcoal Stainless Steel Grill Portable

Features:Cover, Freestanding, Portable



Type:Charcoal BBQ grill

Package Content:

1 x Full set of Smokeless Battery-Operated Grill

1 x Carrying bag

1 x instructions manual


1. The surface temperature of the grill is very high, so please don0t touch directly and the grill should be barbecued with accessorial tools to prevent being burn!

2. Please don't add liquid alcohol and other flammable explosive items for heating!

3. The main body of the grill needs to be cooled before you wash it with water.

4. After using each time, please remove the batteries and let it dry to save it.

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