Bosu Balance Trainer 58cm for Home Gym

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If you are planning of doing exercises at home, Advwin Bosu Ball must be your best choice!
Our Advwin Bosu Balance Trainer aims to create an ideal home gym. It allows you to do multiple training with such a tiny size.
This fitness training ball can withstand the demands of using in commercial condition like gyms, yoga studios and fitness clubs.

  • Comprehensive Exercise Equipment: This half ball combines multiple usage together. It can be a balance trainer, strength trainer, and muscle trainer. This item is designed to fit different prople’s needs.
  • Stable and Durable Material: The unit is made of strong PVC and PP material, which allows it to be repeated used for years.
  • Max Load 150 Kg: With the maximum weight capacity of 150kg, you can use it with confidence!
  • Anti-slip Surface: The slip resistance design on the surface of the exercise half ball and the anti-slip patterns allow it to protect you from slip down while training or jumping on it.
  • Compact Size Easy to Organize / Carry: Our balance trainer has a compact size, which is convenient for organizing and carrying.
  • Dual Exercise with Both Sides: Both sides of it can be used for exercising.
  • Floor Protecting Anti-slip Footmats: There are 3 anti-slip footmats under the board, which can protect your floor from scratching and protect you from failing down.
  • Equiped with 2 Elastic Strings & 1 Inflator: Using resistance bands during ab training or other fitness can help you challenge your core.
Color: ‎Black|Blue|Pink|Purple
Product Dimensions: 58*58*22cm
Weight: 4.7kg
Max Load: 150kg
Material: PVC+PP
Batteries Included: No

Package Content:
1*Advwin Bosu Ball
2*Resistance Bands

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