Advwin 157cm Multi-Level Cat Tree Stand

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Color: Beige
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Production description:

This cat tree is a perfect choice to provide your cat with a funny way to rest, exercise, and scratch nails.

It is designed with cradle, platforms, game balls, hole, house, and other areas.

It allows cats to enjoy different kinds of funny such as sleeping, crawling, and drilling holes.

Plush faux fur material makes the little cutie more comfortable.

Give your kitty the purrrrrfect playground with the Advwin Cat Tree.

Cats have a natural impulse to sharpen and condition their nails through scratching and removing dead layers -- generally following their instincts.

By providing an outlet for these compulsions, you'll save yourself from potential property damage, and keep your kitty happy and healthy at the same time.

Our Cat Tree Tower fits for most family cats, such as:Orange cat, British Shorthair Cat, American Shorthair, Black ; White Tuxedo Cat; Egyptian Mau, Ragdoll ect..


Environmental protection, soft, comfortable and sturdy

Odorless natural sisal

For lasting, 9 sisal ropes spin up

Hard and stable fir

E1 standard plank

Thicker plates and wider rods

Satisfying kitten instinctive feline behavior

Building a sense of territory and security

Keep paws and necessary exercise

Protect your furniture

SGS TUV formaldehyde-free certification

Easy to assemble and easy to clean, just come and order one for your lovely cats.


Colour:Beige/Dark Grey

Material:Plush faux fur covering / Sisal/Wood

Overall Dimensions:66x48x157cm


Weight capacity:15kg.

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