Advwin Mattress Foam Blue Memory Topper

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This memory foam mattress has a 7-zone comfort design with more than 1,009 support points to soothe the spine and reduce pressure points, prevent deep depressions, evenly distribute weight, soft and fit your body lines.And adopt an innovative naked-eye structure , In order to achieve better heat dissipation and keep warm at an appropriate temperature, so that you feel more comfortable.

Bamboo fiber is naturally antibacterial, preventing dust mites and bacteria from growing on the mattress, preventing spills, and sweating.Provide you with a clean and safe sleeping environment.It has good breathability and circulation.A special blend of soft microfiber and natural bamboo helps regulate body temperature and prevents heat from lingering between the body and the mattress.

【Increase Softness and Comfort】 Box-shaped stitch design, more than 1,009 support points, relieve pressure on the spine, prevent deep depression, even weight distribution, soft and fit your body lines, let you feel more comfortable
【Natural Anti-bacterial】 Bamboo fiber is natural antibacterial, preventing dust mites and bacteria from breeding on the mattress, providing you with a clean and safe sleeping environment
【Fresh and comfortable】Highly breathable memory foam mattress makes your body heat evenly distributed, refreshing and clean, you can maintain a natural and comfortable sleeping position all night.
【Provide a Healthy Sleeping Environment】The memory foam mattress cover allows you to enjoy environmentally friendly breathability + inner layer 40D blue slow rebound sponge + outer layer of bamboo fiber silk cloth design, allowing you to sleep more peacefully
【A Good Way to Refresh Old Mattresses】 Mattresses may be expensive, but memory foam mattress covers are affordable and can reduce the discomfort of the old bed without having to splurge on a brand new mattress!

Double Size: 137*190*7.5(cm)
Material: Foam
Hardness: Medium
Color: Blue

Package Contents:
1 x Memory foam mattress topper

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