Advwin Waterproof Metal Detector with LCD Display

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Type: MD-810+Shovel+Headphone
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Many treasures are lying just below the surface of both earth and water, waiting to be found by you! With this powerful and versatile device, you can hunt for coins, relics, jewelry, gold and silver just about anywhere. The detector is versatile and easy to use with LCD. The search coil is waterproof to allow underwater detection and the shaft can be adjusted to suit your height preference. You can also set the detector not to respond to some objects. Adjustable Stem lets you adjust the detector's length for comfortable use, The nylon bracket to further secure the slip of the hand compartment after long time holding the detector by arm.
Hesitate no more. The treasure hunt is on with our LCD Screen Metal Detector. Get yours today.

Specification Style1:

Power: 6 x 1.5V AA alkaline batteries
Operating Frequency: 7.5 KHZ+/-1KHZ
Sensitivity: Min.8” inch (Test Coin :US¢50)
Operating Current: Standby: 65mAh Max: 150mAh
Working voltage: 7.2-9.6V
Working environment: - 20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
Colour: Yellow
Net Weight: 1.1kg
Gross Weight:2.5kg
Size: 100-131.5cm(L)x20.7cm(W)x26.3cm(H)
Audio Frequency: 294Hz(re)

Specification Style2:
Operating Frequency: 5.5~5.8KHz

Operation Mode: 4+1
                           Motion Mode: ALL-METAL,DISC,MEMORY,JEWELRY
                           Non-motion Mode: PINPOINT
Operating Current: static ≤23mA Dynamic ≤50mA
Coins Depth Indication: 2’’,4’’,6’’,8’’ and+
Sensitivity: 350mm
Sensitivity Control: 5 grades
PP:≥22cm(for a US quarter,in the air)
Target Metals Discrimination: 6 kinds
                                               0 to 99 double digits
Signal Strength Indication:5 grades
Sound Frequency: 3 kinds of frequency indicating different metals
Volume Indication: 3 grades
LCD Backlight: White
Battery Indication: 4 grades
Turn off prompt: sound a prompt tone every ten minutes
Search Coil: waterproof search coil
Earphone Jack: 1/8 inch earphone jack
Power Supply: 2 x 9V alkaline battery
Weight: 1.55kg
Size: 110.5-153.5cm(L)x25.2cm(W)x26cm(H)

Specification Style3:
Power -2*9V batteries(not included). 
The signal frequency: 6.6 KHz + / - 0.2KHz
Working environment: - 20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ 
Size: 110.5-150.2cm(L)x22cm(W)x22.5cm(H)

Package Content :
1x Metal Detector
1x Headset
1x TX-2002
1x Metal Detector
1x headset
1x shovel
1x backpack
1x User Manual

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