Advwin 24 Knots Hula Hoops Adjustable Detachable

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Color: Purple
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Hula hoop is a kind of simple and interesting fitness equipment. You can watch TV and play with your mobile phone while exercising at home. This hula hoop will not fall off without skill, and it can fully exercise the waist and abdominal muscles and shape a good figure.

  • Removable adjustment: 24 parts can be disassembled, and the size of the hula hoop can be adjusted according to the waist circumference.
  • Relaxed and comfortable: ABS and silicone material, massage the waist while exercising, no pain after long-term use.
  • Weight-bearing fat burning: 350G gravity ball stimulates the waist and helps to burn fat quickly.
  • No stuttering: The weight-bearing ball relies on inertia to rotate smoothly and uniformly, and refuses to move unsmoothly.
Color: Pink/Blue/Purple
Circumference 120CM
Maximum weight: 200KG
Material: ABS and silicone
Net weight: 1.5KG

Package Content:
1 x Hula hoop
1 x Manual description

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